How can I Issue a Routine that is not Due?

Q: How can I Issue a Routine that is not Due?

A: Generally, Routines that are not Due will not show on the Work Screen. However they are still in the application and being scheduled in the background. so to issue a Routine that is not Due and does not appear on the Work Screen go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Work Screen from the Work Schedule section
  2. Select the Use Dates check box
  3. Select an End Date that is after when the Routine would be Due
  4. This will refresh the grid and all Routines between the Start Date and the End Date will now be displayed in the grid
  5. You can now filter the grid to find the Routine that is not yet Due
  6. Now that you have located the Routine you can issue it using the Issue button

Please note that when issuing a Routine that is Not Due that the Next Date will be updated based on the Routines current Next Date Update setting. For more info on the Next Date Update setting click here.

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