How can I set up a Routine Template which I can re-use?

Q: How can I set up a Routine Template which I can re-use? 

A: If you often find yourself creating the same Routines with the same points, the application has functionality to help you reduce the repetitive set-ups of Instrument Routines. This functionality is called a Routine Type and can be found under the Setup section.

From the Routine Type screen you can set up generic templates that will be available to you from the Routine Type drop-down menu in the Instrument Routine screen. 

When creating an Instrument Routine using one of the Routine Types (Templates) it will populate all data that had been set up in the Routine Type.

When all the data has been populated from the Routine Type, you can then edit the data to suit the needs of the specific Routine.

Please note that editing an Instrument Routine will not edit the original Routine Type, the original Routine Type will remain the same. The changes to the data that were made are specific to that Instrument Routine.

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