Can I create a Routine where I don't have to verify the Work Order?

Q: Can I create a Routine where I don’t have to verify the Work Order?

A: Yes, by default the application has 3 stages for Work Orders; Issued, Entered and Verified. If you do not wish to verify a certain Work Order then you can set the Routine to be Completed at the Entry stage.

This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. When creating a Routine from the Instrument Routine screen or a Routine Type from the Routine Type screen you will see an option called ,
  2. If this checkbox is selected then the Routine will be Complete at Entry and it’s Work Order will not have a verification step,
  3. Once you have the  checkbox selected, go ahead and  the Routine or Routine Type.

Now whenever a Work Order for this Routine is carried out it will be completed at the Entry stage and the Work Order will not need to be verified by another user.


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