Can I customize field names in the application?

Q: Can I customize field names in the application? 

A: Yes, field names in the application can be customized by following the steps below:

  1. Select the Configuration screen under the Admin section,
  2. Once on the Configuration screen, select the User Fields tab,
  3. Next select the Object you would like to edit e.g. Company,
  4. This will show all editable fields that are available with their Configured and Default values available in the grid,
  5. To edit a Field name select it’s entry in the grid and select ,
  6. Next go ahead and enter a Configured Value for the Field,
  7. After that’s completed go ahead and select ,
  8. Once saved, select the  button to update the application with the new Field name.

Please note that the application will need to be restarted for these updates to take effect, doing so will also log out all currently logged in users.

You may also make multiple field name updates before restarting the application, to do this simply follow steps 3 – 7 and then select  when all desired changes have been made.

After selecting  you will see the prompt below. Selecting  will restart the application and all currently logged in users will be logged out.

Although nearly all field names can be changed, a lot of fields have a specific purpose in the application. Therefore it is good to keep in mind that when editing a field name that the Configured Value should still apply to the actual use of the information that the field is used for in the application.


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