Release Notes

Release Date - 10 June 2016


This release includes additions to the Work Order History database schema. It includes the addition of 3 E+H Crystal Report certificates.  It also includes release Bug fixes.



  • E+H Crystal Report Certificates
    • E+H Calibration
    • E+H Flow Calibration
    • E+H Maintenance


BUG Fixes

  • Layout updates for standard certificates
  • Application error when configuration date format set to certain custom dates with en-US browser language
  • Routine Status not updated correctly in Routine Grid after saving
  • Error when Importing Loops where Loop Component is not unique


Known Issues

  • Errorpath when using CTRL + Z in values grid
  • Layout issues with Localisation
  • Date display issue with custom format that contains different separator than the default
  • Work Order status does not match Routine status


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