How to: Assign Privileges to a Group

Every group in the application has certain Privileges, by default any new group that is set up will have all Privileges enabled. But what if you want to restrict the groups access to sections of the application?

Good question and here we will go through how you can assign Privileges to a Group.

  1. Select the Group screen under the Admin section,
  2. Select the group you wish to set the Privileges for,
  3. Select the Privileges tab,
  4. Select Edit,
  5. Select the applicable Privileges for the group,
  6. Select Save.

To confirm that your changes have been saved you will see a confirmation message in the top left as shown below.

You have now assigned the Privileges the group has and users who are assigned to that group will notice the changes at their next login.

Please note that the Privileges of the Administrator group cannot be edited and users should only be assigned to this group if they require full access to the application.

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