How to: Set a default Date Format

In CompuCal you have the ability to set a custom date format. We understand that in regulated industries or even as a result of your processes you may be required to have a standard date format across the company. The Date Display option will allow you to do just that. The Date Display feature has two options; Browser and Custom.


When selecting this option the date format will be taken from the web browser of the user that is using the application.


When selecting this option the date format will be set to the selected date format from the drop-down menu. With the Custom option checked, the selected date format will be what appears for all users who use the application, regardless of their current web browser settings.

You can find a list of available custom date formats below with the example date 29th of February 2016:

  • dd/MM/yy (29/02/16)
  • dd/MMM/yy (29/Feb/16)
  • dd/MMM/yyyy (29/Feb/2016)
  • dd MM yy (29 02 16)
  • dd MMM yy (29 Feb 16)
  • dd MMM yyyy (29 Feb 2016)
  • dd-MM-yy (29-02-16)
  • dd-MMM-yy (29-Feb-16)
  • MM/dd/yy (02/29/16)
  • MMM/dd/yy (Feb/29/16)
  • yy/MM/dd (16/02/29)
  • yy/MMM/dd (16/Feb/29)
  • yy.MM.dd (16.02.29)
  • yy.MMM.dd (16.Feb.29)
  • yyyy.MM.dd (2016.02.29)
  • ddMMMyyyy (29Feb2016)


The Date Display option can be located by selecting the Configuration screen under the Admin section. Once there go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Edit button
  2. Select either Browser or Custom for the Date Display
  3. If Custom is selected then also select a date format from the drop-down
  4. Select the Save button to save your changes

Please note that when updating the Configuration the application refreshes and this will cause any currently logged in users to be disconnected. It is therefore advised to ensure no active work is being done in the application when updating the Configuration.

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