How to: Set up a Routine Type to create a Deviation

Routine Types are reusable routine templates that can be set up in the application. For more information on setting up Routine Types click here.

There are two reasons a deviation is created in the application, either the values entered during a Work Order are out of Tolerance, or the calibration was carried out after the Due Date.

To set up a Routine Type to create a deviation when values are out of tolerance and when the calibration is carried out after its due date, go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Routine Type screen
  2. Select the New button or select an existing Routine Type and select the Edit button
  3. Select the Critical check box
  4. Select the Out of Cycle Deviation check box
  5. Select the Save button

Please note that when selecting the Out of Cycle Deviation check box, the Critical check box is also required in order for Out of Cycle Deviations to be created.

If you only wish to create deviations when entered values exceed the tolerance you can do this by deselecting the Out of Cycle Deviation check box.

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