How to: Organise the Columns a user can see on the Work Schedule screens

In the CompuCal application the center of nearly all activities for users is the Work Schedule section which can include Work Screen, Issue in Bulk, Issue Unplanned, Work Request, Work History and Clear Deviation.

Each of these screens has columns on it and the visibility and order of these columns can be customized for each Work Schedule screen.

To customize the visibility or order of the Work Screen columns go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the User screen under the Admin section
  2. Select your user or the user you wish to customize the columns for
  3. Select the Edit button
  4. Select the Privileges tab
  5. Select the Columns tab
  6. Select Work Screen from the from the Work Schedule drop-down
  7. Now you can re-arrange the columns as required Note this can be done either by drag-and-drop or by using the arrow buttons between the Available and Selected list.
  8. Once the columns have been arranged select the Save button

Columns can be hidden by moving them from the Selected list to the Available list. The order in which the column names appear on the Selected list is the order they will also appear on the Work Screen. In addition to this the Tag column is mandatory and therefore does not appear in either the Available or Selected list.

Please note that the above steps can be repeated for the other screens by simply selecting a different screen from the Work Schedule drop-down in step 6.

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