How to: Generate a Custom Report using SQL Report Builder

The SQL Report Builder is a powerful tool which allows users to write custom SQL queries and then export the results of these queries into an Excel sheet. This gives you access to all your data from an easily accessible front-end. By default CompuCal comes with a number of reports

To get started with creating your first custom report go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Reports screen under the Admin section
  2. Select the SQL Excel Reports tab
  3. Select the New button
  4. Enter a Name for your new Report
  5. Select the Visibility of your report
  6. Enter the SQL Query you wish to export the results of to an Excel sheet

    I've included a short sample of an SQL query below which returns a list of Areas, their descriptions, any associated file names and then orders them by Name.

    FROM [Area]
    ORDER BY [Name]

  7. Select whether you wish to Filter Columns, set Auto Width Columns or Sum Numeric Columns
  8. Select whether you wish to add a Header Section
  9. Select the Save button

Now you will be able to generate this report by simply selecting the report from the list, then selecting the View button.

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