How to: Create an Instrument Routine with Multiple Outputs

Multiple Outputs allow a user to do just that, add multiple outputs to a calibration Routine allowing for greater flexibility on the number of outputs that can be measured using a single Routine.

To get started with setting up your first Multiple Output Routine go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Instrument screen under the Setup section or select the magnifying glass next to the Instrument in the Work Screen
  2. Select the Routine tab
  3. Select the New button
  4. Select Instrument Calibration Sheet Cert Type
  5. Complete any additional mandatory information on the Details tab
  6. Select the Values tab
  7. Select the Output check box
  8. Select a number between 1-5 from the Output drop-down
  9. Complete any additional mandatory information on the Values tab
  10. Select the Save button

Now that's done you will have a Routine with Multiple Outputs assigned to it like below.

As well as Multiple Outputs, the Display Output Errors check box is comes hand in hand with this new feature. If the Display Output Errors option is checked and more than 1 Output Range is selected, the Work Order Edit values grid will display an error column for the individual Output column, together with the overall error. 

Please note that when Multiple Outputs are selected the Routine cannot currently be issued to a remote device.

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