Release Notes

Release Date - 9 February 2016


This release includes additional functionality for Multiple Outputs, Issue in Bulk Multi Selection, the addition of a Plus button for adding Units within a Routine, Item Details Straight to Entry, Excel Report Builder SQL Editor, Routine Template/Routine Print Settings, and Set Conducted before Issued Date, Fluke Integration and Square Root Relationship. It includes updates for User Help, a user friendly Application Error page and Default Localisation Updates.  It also includes release Bug fixes.



  • Multiple Outputs,
  • SQL Report Builder,
  • Issue In Bulk Multi Select,
  • Routine Template Print Settings,
  • Item Details Straight to Entry,
  • Plus button for all Units in Routine,
  • Set Conducted Date before Issued Date,
  • Fluke Integration,
  • Square Root Relationship,
  • Application Error Page,
  • User Help section,
  • Default Localisation.


BUG Fixes

  • Deviation Lower/Upper values for inverted ranges,
  • Deviation issues in Calibrator Complete on Upload,
  • Output Units missing from Switch Work Order,
  • Unable to remove single Task from Work Order,
  • Routine values not reset correctly after Cancel event,
  • Routine Status issue from issuing a cancelled Work Order In Bulk,
  • Audit Trail message for Overdue Reference.


Known Issues

  • Error when importing Loops where Loop Component is not unique,
  • Work Order Status does not match Routine Status,
  • Empty rows are considered part of query in SQL Reports.


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