Release Notes

Release Date - 13 June 2014


This release includes additional functionality support for Remote execution of Table Standard 2 Calibrations on the CalXpert. It also includes additions to allow for configuration of Service Order Mandatory System Requirements.



  • Table Standard 2 Support on Cal Xpert,
  • Configurability for Service Order Mandatory, 
  • Addition of Resolution 0 support, 
  • Instrument Company Edit,
  • On Upload from Calibrator (Complete on Upload), Work Order Resolution set to 5.


BUG Fixes

  • Issue with Mismatch in Grid on New/Cancel,
  • Issue with Filtering on Place Of Calibration Grid, 
  • Issue with User Defined Filtering Controls, 
  • Issue with Grid filtering in Multi Tab Pages, 
  • Issue with Task Panel in Work History View, 
  • Issue with Partial Entry –Enter Display, 
  • Issue with Calibrator Complete on Upload for Unit Tolerance Type



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