Release Notes

Release Date - 31 May 2013


This release includes new Calibration Sheet enhancements to include Tolerance Columns. It also includes various BUG fixes.



  • Calibration Sheet enhancements to include Tolerance Columns.


BUG Fixes

  • Failed by user reverting to No,
  • Clear Deviation buttons disabled,
  • IE 8 Rounding Issue,
  • Non Critical routine creating deviation,
  • Clear Deviation Checkbox,
  • Cancel checkbox after deviation was created,
  • Routine Type tolerance assign issue,
  • Unable to access the verify screen,
  • Print Label Next Date was using Routine Next Date instead of Work Order Due Date, 
  • Pressing partial save on a reverted Work Order caused a validation message stating "Routine has already been entered by another user",
  • As Left results showing when none present,
  • Magnifying glass function when using updated labels,
  • Mandatory viewing of non-existent deviation,
  • From the Work Order history list screen, on selecting a Work Order with multiple Work Orders, pressing the < and > buttons makes the values tab for those Work Order seen as read only,
  • Group Privileges,
  • Failed by user reverting to No,
  • Verify Display issue on Post back,
  • Clear Deviation buttons disabled,
  • New User KPI error,
  • Actual Versus Estimated Department filter not working,
  • After adjust on the graph of a Work Order,
  • History by Due Date Report,
  • Routine Next date not saving empty,
  • Failure to export the deviation report,
  • Max Next date issue,
  • Loading Gif on report loading,
  • With the Esign turned on for both New and Editing of a group, the privileges were not saved,
  • Routine Type seen as "Please Select",
  • KPIs didn't show when the user filter is unchecked,
  • The "+" Button on the Instrument Type did not appear next to the field on the details tab, 
  • Calendar Issue.


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