Release Notes

Release Date - 26 April 2013


This release is a patch for bug updates and to update the functionality of the Label Printing. 



  • Label Printing Functionality.


BUG Fixes

  • Rounding issue found using large input and small output ranges with small tolerances and 1 for resolution,
  • Ability to add routines to instruments that are in cycle, when the configuration status approval is set to "Yes",
  • Saving a component with the same tag-name as an instrument, plant item or loop is not possible,
  • Remote Overwrite functionality,
  • Error-Calculation and rounding problem for loop calibration,
  • Incorrect default value for as left calibration of loop,
  • Incorrect resolution on the calibration certificate,
  • Label Printing - Next date update coming from Routine instead of WorkOrder plus updates to layout and Label details,
  • When Group privilege is disabled for RoutineTypeEdit, the Edit button is still enabled,
  • Remove Routines for an Instrument that has another Routine in cycle,
  • Deviation created for non-used Loop Component,
  • Work Order Edit: Clear Deviation Error,
  • Work Screen Remote Override Button Display,
  • History By Due Date Report Filtering Issue,
  • Work Order Entering new Values for Reverted Loop Work Order.


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