How to: Filter on the Work Schedule Screens

Each of the Work Schedule screens has the ability to set filters using the column headers of the grid. These filters can be very powerful if used correctly especially when paired with the Export to Excel functionality it allows you to quickly create reports directly from the Work Screen. 

For this example we are going to filter the Work Screen grid to show all Work Orders with a Status of Issued which have exceeded their Due Date as of the time of writing this How to guide.

Please note that Allowable Overrun is not take into account.

To get started with filtering go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Work Screen
  2. Select the Use Dates check box
  3. Set the End Date to today's date
  4. In the Status header filter by Issued
  5. In the Next Date header filter by today's date
  6. In the Next Date header select the little filter icon and select Less Than

To get an idea of what the completed filters look like please see the screenshot below.

Now that's done the grid will show all Work Orders that have a Status of Issued which have exceeded their Due Date.

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